Experiences for families

Unique, ethical and sustainable family experiences in Vall de Ribes and Vall de Núria

Come with your family to explore new places and live new experiences, tailored to your needs, respectful of nature,

committed to sociocultural heritage and socially fair. Consistent with your values ​​of conscience, responsibility and commitment

Spend more time together and strengthen family ties while discovering the charms of the world. With each new adventure, you will live stories and experiences that will open your mind. Share magical memories that will stay with you forever… Let’s discover the world together!

Designed for people like you, committed and responsible, non-conformist, intrepid and brave with whom we share the desire to change the world.

We take care of everything you need

  1. Design of tailor-made experiences and activities
    Looking for something completely unique? Surprising, transformative, memorable, emotional. Everything you can imagine: nature, culture, sports, adventure and leisure… Tailor-made activities for the whole family.
  2. Advice
    To enjoy unique and perfect experiences adapted to your needs, budget and values. A perfect way to spend time together, make new friends and learn new things.
  3. For whatever you need
    One-day activities, weekends, holidays… Discoveries of nature and ecology, festivals and traditions, sports, adventure and leisure. Accommodation and coexistence, in unique places and spaces: small hotels, rural houses, refuges, hostels, hostels, camp houses… whatever you want
  4. Accompaniment
    We do the reception, the accompaniment and if setbacks and unforeseen events arise, we will be ready to solve everything!


What are the benefits of doing family activities?

Activities done as a family offer a variety of benefits. Sharing time together is a way to stimulate the bond between family members, not only for the elderly, but for the whole family. By sharing activities, family members get to know each other better, bonds are strengthened and teamwork is achieved. In this way, the activities allow the development of social skills and the development of positive relationships. Among others

  • Stimulates the bond between your family members.
  • Get to know family members better.
  • Teamwork
  • Development of social skills.
  • Building positive relationships.
  • Building trust between family members.
  • Increased self-esteem.
  • Allows you to connect with others.
  • Share experiences and create memories.
  • Helps motor coordination and coordination between family members.
  • Stimulates participation and creativity.
  • Create opportunities to share your interests and discover new interests together.
  • Teaches about the value of sharing and collaboration.
  • Increases the motivation of all family members.
  • Develop communication.
    Encourage physical exercise.
  • Develop problem solving skills.
  • Stimulates learning.

Why travel as a family?

Traveling as a family offers many benefits, from learning about new places and cultures to creating lasting memories. Family trips allow you to enjoy time together while discovering the world. They can share stories and experiences while delving into the local culture and environment.

These experiences provide you with the opportunity to connect and strengthen family ties. Family vacations offer you the opportunity to get to know other places, cultures and ways of life, which will open your mind. In addition, traveling as a family will allow you to make new friends and even establish new healthy habits.

What should be taken into account when traveling with the family?

To make a family trip and enjoy a good vacation. You have to ensure a pleasant stay. That is why it is important to take into account some tips before traveling:

  • Plan a realistic budget and set a maximum price for each activity.
  • Book as soon as possible the stay in accommodation and transport tickets, if applicable.
  • Establish a realistic itinerary and make the necessary adjustments if it takes longer than expected.
  • Look for offers of activities and services to save money.
  • Plan meals to enjoy the widest gastronomic variety without exceeding the budget.
  • Carry some medicine and basic medicines for emergencies.
  • Wear appropriate clothing for the climate of the destination location.
  • Carry some cash and at the same time have a credit card handy.

Leave everything in our hands and relax!

Tips to live a memorable family trip?

Enjoying a family trip is one of the most rewarding and fun experiences we can have. We can turn trips into a memorable experience if we follow the following tips.

  • Plan the trip in advance: Planning the details of the trip in advance helps to ensure a more pleasant experience. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to have a good trip.
  • Involve all family members: Ask all family members to come up with ideas for making the special trip.
  • Schedule your activities: This will help you plan your time efficiently. Try to find a balance between free time and active time.
  • Focus on the moments: Don’t waste time worrying about problems. Making the most of the good times will help you enjoy the trip as a family.
  • Create experiences: Try to do something new and exciting at each stop. This will make the trip truly memorable.
  • Disconnect from the digital world: Try to leave terminations and other mobile devices at home. This will help you connect with other family members.
  • Enjoy the moments: Photograph the moments and share them with others after the trip.
  • Use your skills: Use the skills of all family members to help plan and execute the trip.
  • Organize games and entertainment: Spending time playing fun games will help connect

Why trust your tourist experiences in Pura Vall?

Pura Vall is a young company, located in Ribes de Freser. With a team committed, attentive and in love with a territory, Vall de Ribes, Vall de Núria and Ripollès, which we know like no one else and we want to share with you.

Eager to innovate and encourage you to get to know the world and get out of the monotony of everyday life, with unique, ethical and sustainable tourist experiences, respectful of nature, committed to sociocultural heritage and socially fair… consistent with your way, honest and respectful, to understand life.

  • Surprising, transforming experiences to enjoy, relax, feel, grow, learn… Unforgettable experiences true to the way you think
  • Close and warm experiences… with hosts and local professionals so passionate that they will excite.
  • Experiences tailored to your needs. Tell us what you want or need… we take care of everything, we strive to please you.

Designed for people like you, individuals, companies and groups, committed and responsible, nonconformists, intrepid and brave with whom we share the desire to change the world and who give meaning to our lives.