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Special meetings, shareholder meetings, team building actions, conventions and conferences, celebrations, product presentations, trainings and workshops, incentive trips… everything you can imagine!!

Unique, memorable, surprising, emotional and transformative corporate events, always respectful of nature, committed to socio-cultural heritage and socially just… consistent with your purpose and brand values, ethical, honest, respectful and committed.

Designed for people like you, committed and responsible, non-conformist, intrepid and brave with whom we share the desire to change the world.

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We take care of everything you need

  1. Tailor-made event and activity design
    To achieve memorable events, it is essential to create unique, exceptional and out-of-the-ordinary experiences… We help you convey your message to put it on everyone’s lips.
  2. Briefing and technical advice
    We help you in this initial phase of preparation and planning carried out with a view to the event: the definition of objectives we want to achieve, the planning of the space, etc.
  3. Location
    For certain events you need large spaces to accommodate many attendees, in other unique spaces that make the experience memorable We all know them!
  4. Negotiation with suppliers and control of budgets
    We take care of controlling expenses and adjusting the budget correctly in order to achieve a positive return on investment.
  5. Comprehensive logistics of all services and coordination with suppliers
    During the execution of the event, all the professionals involved in the event must act in a coordinated manner to execute the schedule of activities… Forget it, we take care of it.
  6. Support during the operation
    Mishaps and unforeseen may arise at the event that will need to be resolved quickly. We will be there, to solve everything!


What is a business event and what are its goals?

These are events where a certain number of attendees related to the company or related parties gather. The contents are usually related to the activities carried out by the company, and have a defined objective, which is included in its strategies and appears in the company’s marketing plan.

It is necessary to be very clear about the objectives pursued if we want to succeed with our event. The most common…

  • Motivate staff. To achieve established goals and maximum efficiency.
  • Recognize effort, competence and loyalty. Through commemorations, events dedicated to the career of its employees or their promotion.
  • Team training. Create bonds between workers and encourage teamwork.
  • To announce news. Presentation of the company’s news, for example, modifications to its products or creation of new ones.

How to organize a business event?

Determine the objective and audience of the event
For a business event to be successful it is necessary to define in advance its purpose, as well as the target audience.

Event budget
The economic factor is one of the most important when organizing a business event. Many of the decisions depend on the available budget

Event planning
It requires thorough planning so that no detail is overlooked. It is necessary to plan all the necessary tasks and the program of activities of the same.

Event communications
Advertising is critical for the event to attract the right audience and be successful. You can turn to social networks, influencers or more conventional channels such as radio, television or the press. It is very useful to create a website where you can collect all the information about the event and channel the registration.

Event execution
You have to coordinate all the professionals involved in the event to execute the schedule of activities. In this phase, mishaps and unforeseen events may arise that will need to be resolved quickly

Event evaluation
In this last phase it is essential to monitor the results of the event to check which objectives have been met and which points have had some kind of vulnerability.

What kind of corporate events do companies do?

Corporate events are powerful external and internal communication tools.

Internal events: These are events specifically designed for employees, shareholders and partners. It provides information on the operation of the company, relevant news and information, possible changes to the company, etc.

External events: They are designed to address customers (potential or current), suppliers, media and other audiences external to the company. They are used to make themselves known, build customer loyalty or communicate the brand image, for example.

The most common types of company events are usually

Special meetings in unique locations
Company events that are used internally, usually to discuss important issues to the company: business opportunities, problems to be solved, new challenges and milestones… They can be executive meetings or team meetings.

Shareholders’ meetings
Events with common objectives with meetings but more complex logistically. They usually require more space, transport for attendees, catering, hospitality services, direct attention to the meeting itself, etc.

Teambuilding actions
Designed to foster business culture values ​​such as participation, group cohesion, teamwork and many more.

They are meetings of professionals from a specific sector to transmit information on a specific topic. They are perfect for networking among attendees.

To meet and expose products or services

Incentive trips
Incentive trips are a reward to motivate employees or customers. It is a planned activity that seeks to build and foster group relationships or reward a job well done.

Press conferences
They are specifically aimed at the media. They tend to be held when the company wants to communicate, through the press, some relevant information.

Formal events to celebrate achievements or new incorporations, products or services.

Product presentations
For professionals in one sector and potential customers, to introduce a new product or service..

Trainings and workshops
Constant training is one of the pillars of the success of companies. The organization of a practical workshop must have a very short but very productive duration. When organizing an event of this nature, in addition to specifying the theme, it is also very important to define what your objective is.

Family day
These are recreational and fun activities for employees and their families. In addition to having a pleasant time, they have the opportunity to learn and improve their professional skills, while sharing moments with family members.

Why organize a business event?

Corporate events are very powerful and effective communication tools. They include everything from meetings to company dinners, meetings, conferences, congresses, symposia and fun activities for employees. Its main utility is to establish, enhance and intensify personal contacts, both external and internal.

Some of the benefits that are obtained from these events:

Generate and disseminate corporate content: events are very effective communication tools both internally and externally. They allow you to introduce the company’s products or services to real and potential customers, such as deploying internal information campaigns and strengthening ties between employees.

They allow to improve the image of the company both externally (potential customers, general opinion) and internally (employees, suppliers, etc.).

They enable and encourage interpersonal relationships: company events are a great opportunity to expand our network of contacts or networking, meeting clients, colleagues and other professionals in person.

They improve motivation and the working climate: few activities can be more effective in motivating employees and helping them regain strength, or to combat the stress caused by the daily work routine, than a congress or meeting that combines leisure and work in an attractive destination.

What is Incentive Travel and Why Incentive Travel?

Incentive travel is defined as travel designed to motivate, incentivize and reward employees or business partners. This type of trip can range from what is given to a single individual to what is given to a large group only after certain goals have been achieved throughout the year.

You can use incentive trips as a team-building experience, a networking opportunity, or simply as a reward for those who have earned it. If you get the formula right, offer an attractive enough prize, the concept of incentive travel will help motivate your team to achieve higher goals.

How to plan an incentive trip?

You’ll be able to motivate your employees in ways that encourage individual excellence and improve overall company performance. The healthy and friendly competition that incentive programs encourage can be enjoyed between employees, teams, between departments, or even between different locations.

At Pura Vall we can proactively plan and create an incentive travel program carefully tailored to your company’s particular preferences.

Finding a strategic balance between your company’s budget constraints, corporate goals, and employee agendas can help you to create truly memorable travel experiences and incentive programs that motivate your employees and improve their performance.

Type of Incentive Travel

Hotels and accommodations
The budget-adjustable incentive can provide employees with unlimited accommodation opportunities. Packages can range from a one-night stay to a spectacular week-long getaway with a multitude of activities and experiences

Rural coexistence
Sometimes to strengthen ties between colleagues there is no better destination than getting away from society and immersing yourself in a natural environment, where you can enjoy good moments of coexistence between colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere. The coexistence of the team in a rural accommodation can be a great way to disconnect from the stress of work and everyday life, and provide a space together where you can simply enjoy without having to do anything, without time, or deadlines, or forced activities. Where you can share a lunch under a tree, or a conversation by the river.

Transformative life experiences
Celebrate the success and achievements of your team members with some well-deserved leisure incentives. You can create a perfect motivating getaway by offering them amazing, transformative activities to enjoy, relax, feel, grow, learn… Unforgettable experiences true to purpose and values ​​must guide your business decisions

Looking for something completely unique? A unique and seamless incentive travel experience that incorporates your company’s needs, budget, goals and values. Incentives don’t have to be super expensive, if it’s something they’ve never tried before, it’s sure to grab their interest.

Why entrust your corporate events to Pura Vall?

Pura Vall is a young company, located in Ribes de Freser. With a team, committed, attentive and in love with a territory, Vall de Ribes, Vall de Núria and Ripollès, which we know like no one else and want to share with you.

Eager to innovate and encourage you to get to know the world and get out of the monotony of everyday life, with unique, ethical and sustainable tourist experiences, respectful of nature, committed to socio-cultural heritage and socially fair… consistent with your honest and respectful way of understanding life.

  • Surprising, transformative experiences to enjoy, relax, feel, grow, learn… Unforgettable experiences true to the way you think
  • Close and warm experiences… with hosts and local professionals so passionate that they will thrill you
  • Experiences tailored to your needs. Tell us what you want or need… we take care of everything, we will go out of our way to please you.

Designed for people like you, individuals, companies and groups, committed and responsible, non-conformists, intrepid and brave with whom we share the desire to change the world and who give meaning to our lives