Activities for schools and educational centers

Unique, ethical and sustainable activities for schools in Vall de Ribes and Vall de Núria

One-day activities, educational stays, camps… that complement the work done at school, enjoying new experiences that

  • promote values ​​of commitment, tolerance, ethics, honesty and justice
  • with didactic contents of sustainability and respect for nature and commitment to sociocultural heritage
  • that allow children to connect with the environment that surrounds them and develop critical thinking and a personal opinion.
  • experiences that put life at the center and carefully build a new relationship with the planet, the community and themselves.

Discoveries of nature and ecology, festivals and traditions, sports, adventure and leisure and coexistence, both in unique places and spaces, as well as in summer camp houses.

Tailor-made experiences through playful, stimulating dynamics that

at the same time provoke reflection and the creation of personal opinion, promoting critical thinking, tolerant listening, self-awareness and respect for one’s environment

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We take care of everything you need

  1. Design of tailor-made experiences and activities
    Everything you can imagine: nature and ecology, festivals and traditions, sports, adventure and leisure, camps, end-of-year trips… Activities adapted to the needs of each center, to the curricular content, etc. We can prepare proposals à la carte
  2. Advice
    A unique and perfect activity that incorporates the needs, budget, objectives and values ​​of the school.
  3. For what you need
    One-day activities, educational stays, colonies… that complement the work done at the school. Discoveries of nature and ecology, festivals and traditions, sports, adventure and leisure and coexistence, both in unique places and spaces and in summer camp houses.
  4. Accompaniment
    We do the reception, the accompaniment and if setbacks and unforeseen events arise, we will be ready to solve everything!


What kind of activities can we carry out for schools and educational centers?

  • Activities adapted to each school, to the curricular content, to the needs of students, parents or teachers, with the possibility of preparing totally personalized proposals:
    One-day activities or educational stays: educational workshops, activities guided by monitors who are in charge of preparing and developing them, respecting the educational project of the school.
  • One-day activities or leisure stays: skiing and snowboarding, sports, adventure, etc.
  • School camps for children, primary and secondary that promote coexistence, learning and direct contact with nature.
  • Trips and end-of-year activities for secondary school students, by schools or parent associations
  • Everything you can imagine: nature and ecology, festivals and traditions, sports, adventure and leisure and coexistence…

Why carry out activities outside the classroom?

Leaving outside the classroom is entering the real world. When leaving the educational center, the students move in real scenarios and experience daily situations that are relevant to their day-to-day life that help them to understand and contextualize the contents of the curriculum, connect with the environment that surrounds them, develop critical thinking and establish a new relationship with the planet, the community and themselves

There are numerous studies that speak of the benefits of working and learning outside the classroom, among which are:

  • Improvement of academic performance
  • Development of creative skills
  • Increased communication, organization and decision-making skills
  • behavior improvement
  • Increased motivation to learn and understand what they are observing or experiencing
  • Increased cooperation among peers
  • Developing greater involvement with the environment

What are the benefits of activities carried out outside the classroom?

The school period offers a full calendar of extracurricular and complementary activities that enrich the educational experience at the center. However, the child can discover and enjoy many other proposals that are developed beyond the school where he participates.

Opportunity to meet new people
The child has the opportunity to participate in other social environments that offer the possibility of building new bonds. In this way, they practice their social skills in different environments and get out of their comfort zone.

Enjoy new experiences
The catalog of activities expands significantly when the child has the opportunity to enter different scenarios. In short, the activities that take place beyond the classroom complement and broaden the discovery of reality and the learning experience.

Learning focused on practical experience
Generally, the activities that students carry out outside the educational environment have an eminently practical format. That is, they are fun and entertaining dynamics that value the experience. An experience directly linked to curiosity, proactive behavior, emotions and feelings.

Discovery of new hobbies
Activities conducted outside of the educational setting may align with individual interests. They offer a more extensive catalog of alternatives that facilitate experimentation and discovery. In this way, the child identifies new hobbies and finds the right space to develop them in free time.

Why trust school activities in Pura Vall?

Pura Vall is a young company, located in Ribes de Freser. With a team committed, attentive and in love with a territory, Vall de Ribes, Vall de Núria and Ripollès, which we know like no one else and we want to share with you.

Eager to innovate and encourage you to get to know the world and get out of the monotony of everyday life, with unique, ethical and sustainable tourist experiences, respectful of nature, committed to sociocultural heritage and socially fair… consistent with your way, honest and respectful, to understand life.

  • Surprising, transforming experiences to enjoy, relax, feel, grow, learn… Unforgettable experiences true to the way you think
  • Up close and warm experiences… with hosts and local professionals so passionate they will thrill you
  • Experiences tailored to your needs. Tell us what you want or need… we take care of everything, we strive to please you.

Designed for people like you, individuals, companies and groups, committed and responsible, nonconformists, intrepid and brave with whom we share the desire to change the world and who give meaning to our lives.