Wild Connections

Activities to enjoy the silence and connect with the natural environment in all its splendor.


These activities are carried out in selected natural environments where we can enjoy the silence and the environment in all its splendor. We propose them:

  • Forest bathing. It consists of a conscious and silent walk through the forest to connect and strengthen the bond with nature, improve the immune system and reduce stress levels.
  • Wild kitchen. In this workshop you will cook recipes with plants and flowers collected by the group, learning to incorporate these elements into food.
  • Path to the wisdom of the heart. A connection journey between the forest and ourselves that will allow us to recognize our thoughts and behaviors to analyze and understand them and thus adapt new connections that allow us to better understand ourselves. The experience ends with a concert in the middle of nature.
  • Gastronomic restaurant in the forest. An experience gastro silvestre In the middle of the forest, an exclusive restaurant created for you with a gastronomy that uses edible plants and flowers to create the most harmonious recipes.
  • Awakening of the senses through wild plants. Discover wild plants through the senses, learn to recognize them, know what their abilities are and how they can help you. During the walk you can taste these plants and flowers.


No previous physical form is required.
It is necessary to work on the questionnaire to express the objective of the experience and thus create the necessary dynamics to fulfill it.


Comfortable clothes and an open attitude to experiment.


Spring, summer and fall


Connections can be 1 or 2 days, depending on the objective of the experience.
These experiences can be done during one day or combined to create a 2-night stay that would include accommodation, meals and activities.

What includes

Guide, welcome bag, accommodation in case of choosing this option, necessary material for the experience.


The departure is made from Ribes de Freser

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Addressed to:
Personal growth
Wild knowledge
With this activity you contribute to:


To consult according to dates and number of people

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Is there a minimum number of people required?

The activity can be organized for one person and for groups of 8 people maximum, if the group is larger consult.